Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to do a heartbeat

I created Heartbeats in the Streets to raise awareness for heart disease and create inspiration for people all over the world.
My mission is to collect 10,000 heartbeats and publish them for everyone to see. I find that it's uplifting to see where others would leave their heart.
To be part of this really isn't anything hard to timely. All I ask is that you make a heart, write where you would leave it, and submit your photo. I will post the photos on here as well as the facebook page so people can see. By submitting the photo you are giving me consent to publish it.
Ideas of what to write:
Your favorite place (old cabin, 1st home, place you traveled to, etc)
A time frame (maybe there was a period in time when you just loved life for what it is)
A person/animal (Someone special to you, or someone you maybe admire, etc)
Realistically, you can write anything you like. Check back frequently to see what others put!
If you would like to leave your heart anonymous (no photo of you) simply include a photo of the heart alone.
My hope is that I will be able to gather enough hearts to publish a book at some point and use the proceeds to donate to heart disease. All I'm asking for is a photo, the rest I will make happen. I appreciate you visiting this blog and I hope to see your heart submitted soon!
If you could leave your heart somewhere, where would you leave it?